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  • Paul Blomquist


    Tenure at C & M: October 1988

    Job Title: Owner

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Arranger, Activator, Maximizer, Learner

    Education: Hallock High School, B.A. International Business Augsburg College

    Hometown/Current Residence: Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: Travel, Fishing, Investments, Sudoku, Running

    Family: Kristin wife, 2 sons Soren and Finn

    What enjoys about job: the people, both customers and employees. Paul enjoys improving processes, communication and organization and the freedom to spend time with his family. Paul is especially satisfied when he sees employee growth and engagement. He believes that employee satisfaction and engagement is critical and leads to satisfied customers. He realized at a recent Strength's training that the dealership has developed a culture that all employees understand, appreciate and are engaged in their own way. He feels he has accomplished something that he never set out to when he started at the dealership, yet he realized a few years ago that he wanted to accomplish. Paul describes his co-workers as "very caring about customer satisfaction and caring towards one another and thoughtful towards the business. They think of more than themselves. They have a deeper understanding of more than just work and that makes me happy."

    Goals: develop my leaders and continue with the successes we have had to ensure the health of our businesses for the next generations for longevity.

    Fun facts about Paul: Paul describes himself as evolving, motivated, curious, reflective and competitive. He's concerned about the wellbeing of those close to him -- his family, employees, customers and community members. He's motivated to make a difference in his community. He gains satisfaction from growth in himself and others and through healthy relationships. Paul worked as a Page at the State Capitol when he was in high school. He loves a great restaurant experience. He once had hair that he even permed. Paul detailed cars at C & M when he was a teenager. He laughs when he tells the story about Myron reprimanding him over the sloppy job he did cleaning cars. From a young age, Paul planned to work in business with a travel or global focus. Paul has run Grandma's Marathon in Duluth and the New York Marathon. The staff at C & M warn other employees not to go to lunch with Paul. "He'll either hire you or fire you."

  • Josh Whitlock

    GM/F&I Manager

    Tenure at C & M: January 2010

    Title: General Manager, Finance and Insurance (F&I)

    Top 5 Strengths: Analytical, Strategic, Achiever, Individualization, Includer

    Education: Lancaster High School, B.S. Computer Science from NDSU

    Hometown/Current Residence: Lancaster, MN

    Hobbies: kids, sports, family

    Family: wife Rebecca and 4 children: Gracie, Eyan, Lauryn and Camryn

    Enjoys about job: Almost everything - the employees, customers, selling, solving problems. His co-workers are fun to be around and make it easy to come to work. Everyone comes with a good attitude. It is especially satisfying when we are awarded the President's Award or when we receive positive surveys and customers express appreciation.

    Goals: Keep growing the business with customer service at the forefront.

    Fun facts about Josh: Josh is hardworking, caring and introverted. He wanted to be an NBA basketball player when he grew up. He and Rebecca recently opened a hair salon in Lancaster.

  • Whitney Carr

    Office Assistant A/R A/P

    Tenure at C&M: December 2009

    Job title: Office Assistant

    Top 5 Strengths: Harmony, Restorative, Belief, Consistency, Adaptability

    Education: Lancaster High School, U of Minnesota Crookston B.A. in accounting

    Hometown/Current Residence: Lancaster, MN.

    Hobbies: Basketball, children and ice fishing.

    Family: Husband Josh and 2 sons Parker and Easton and a baby due in July.

    Enjoys about her job: Co-workers in both service and sales. The environment is so great and she likes what she does. She feels especially satisfied when she is solving problems and streamlining processes.

    Goals: Gain as much knowledge as she can from Mona, the bookkeeper. Eventually, she'd like to move into Mona's job when Mona retires.

    Fun facts about Whitney: She is organized at work. Growing up she thought she'd become a data entry keyer. Her grandfather and her husband both work at the dealership. Whitney is a positive and unifying force at the dealership, helping customers and staff.

  • Mona Dietrich

    Office Manager/Comptroller/Accountant

    Tenure at C & M: May 2003

    Job Title: Office Manager/Comptroller/Accountant

    Top 5 Strengths: Empathy, Developer, Learner, Strategic, Activator

    Education: St. Thomas High School, B.A. Business Mayville State University, Mayville, ND

    Hometown/Current Residence: Aneta, ND/St. Thomas, ND

    Hobbies: floral arranging, needlework, crafter, sewing, reading, grandchildren, Yankees, Celtics

    Family: Husband Bob, 4 grown children -- 3 daughters, 1 son and 10 grandkids

    Enjoys about job: There is nothing that Mona dislikes about her job. She loves processes and teaching her co-workers. "C & M is the best thing to ever happen to me. Paul is an amazing man - so good to work for." Mona praises her conscientious co-workers, too. "We are a team here. It's been that way for quite awhile. Everyone realizes what they do affects someone else." She likes that everyone cares about each other and that they work well together. She believes that it's the same with the customers, too. She describes the dealership as "one big happy family" and thinks that all the employees want C & M to be #1. She's especially satisfied at month end and year end, everyday when processes work, and when the light goes on when she's teaching one of her co-workers. All these things make her happy to come to work. "C & M is all of our legacy. We should be proud to be a part of it and all that's been accomplished."

    Goals: Be here for the duration; see success continue and escalate; help support staff grow

    Fun Facts about Mona: Mona is optimistic. She looks for the good and likes to spread sunshine. Family is very important to her. Mona has worked as a high school teacher; she provided in home daycare and preschool for 16 years; and she owned her own flower shop for 3 years. As a child she moved every March after she turned 8 and she lived in Ohio, Minnesota, West Virginia, Indiana, and North Dakota. Mona wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She moonlights as a floral designer and plans to spend more time at it once she retires.

  • Melissa Meyer

    Office Coordinator

    Tenure at C & M: March 2015

    Title: Office Coordinator

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Responsibility, Harmony, Includer, Learner

    Hometown/Current Residence: Neche, ND/Cavalier, ND

    Education: North Border High School, Mayville State University current full-time student

    Hobbies: School and 2-year-old daughter

    Family: Daughter Sophia, age 2, and boyfriend Nathan

    Enjoys about job: the people, the customers, being able to talk to everyone; Melissa feels especially satisfied every day she's at work. "It's always crazy around here. Everyone is easy to work with, to talk to, to joke around. No one gets too stressed out."

    Goals: Graduating from college

    Fun facts about Melissa: Melissa always wanted to work in accounting or business. She is outgoing. She takes 3 or 4 classes at a time, while parenting a 2-year-old and working full-time. Melissa is C&M's most recent hire, but she fit in immediately. Rumor has it that Melissa knows every line dance out there.

  • Richard Bothum


    Tenure at C&M: June 2001

    Job Title: Salesperson

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Arranger, Responsibility, Maximizer, Individualization

    Education: Karlstad High School, 2 quarters at U of M, Crookston

    Hometown/Current Residence: Karlstad, MN/Kennedy, MN

    Hobbies: fishing, bowling, golfing, hunting

    Family: His better half of 30 years, Bonny and 3 adult stepchildren and 3 grandsons

    Enjoys about his job: This is "the best job I ever had. I love it." He enjoys the customers, the flexibility, and his co-workers. This is not a 9-5. He appreciates having a boss who gives the opportunity to be flexible. According to Richard, C & M is "A great place to work - a great place to buy a car. Everyone knows it's a great place; great people, great customers."

    Goals: Work another dozen years and continue on.

    Fun facts about Richard: Richard has lived all over Kittson County. He is honest, likeable, and hard working. Richard has a sharp wit and is street savvy. Before he worked at C&M, he spent many years working in construction.

  • Shawn Carrier


    Tenure at C & M: May 2006

    Title: Salesperson

    Top 5 Strengths: Maximizer, Individualization, Ideation, Relator, Input

    Education: Milton High School

    Hometown/Current residence: Milton, ND/Cavalier, ND

    Hobbies: music, basketball, guitar, snowmobiling

    Family: Wife Danelle and 5 children Ashton, Whitley, Andre, Eden and Boone.

    Enjoys about job: the customers, co-workers, the atmosphere. "I wouldn't trade it for anything." Shawn calls it 'the dealership on the prairie' and a 'friendship dealership'. "We laugh a lot here. I've never worked at a place where I had co-workers like C&M Ford." He describes his co-workers as true friends who would bend over backwards for each other. He is especially satisfied when people express gratitude and being part of a growing dealership.

    Goals: To expand his clientele reaching younger generations.

    Fun facts about Shawn: Shawn is big hearted, a moderator or peacemaker, not politically correct or a city person. He wants peace in North Dakota, Minnesota, the world. He is the middle child of 8. He played in a band for 9 years. C&M is the third car dealership where Shawn has worked. Shawn thought he'd be a country music singer and he also wanted to play basketball in the NBA. Shawn is also a storyteller and interested in heritage and genealogy.

  • Myron Swanson


  • Gary Burton

    Inventory Manager-Sales

    Tenure at C & M: August 1997

    Job Title: Inventory Manager- Sales

    Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Communication, Woo, Developer, Empathy

    Education: Pattonsburg High School

    Hometown/Current Residence: Pattonsburg, MO/Lancaster, MN

    Hobbies: Golf, PBR bull riding, yard work

    Family: Joyce, his constant companion, 4 adult children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

    Enjoys about his job: Gary enjoys everything about his job, especially the freedom. He loves coming to work and thinks that Paul is a good boss and his co-workers are great. Gary is especially satisfied with the used car inventory process and the flow of used vehicles the dealership has implemented. He credits the LEAN process training with the current successful culture at the dealership.

    Goals: Be alive tomorrow.

    Fun facts about Gary: Gary is dedicated and a story teller. He wanted to be a farmer when he grew up. He has worked as a farmer, at a milk plant, for a pipeline, for a state highway department, as a co-op station manager, a house builder, in the snowmobile and farm equipment business.

  • Kristin Eggerling

    Sales Assistant

  • Tim Peterson

    Service Manager/Warranty Administrator

    Tenure at C&M: September 2010

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Woo, Communication, Significance, Positivity

    Education: Lancaster High School, NDSU BS in Sports and Urban Turf Grass Management

    Hometown/Current Residence: Lancaster/Lancaster, MN

    Hobbies: Anything that goes fast, racing, cattle, family time

    Family: wife Jami, one son, youngest of 3 - a sister and a brother

    Enjoys about job: Tim enjoys finding solutions even when it's crazy at work. It's never the same two days in a row. Tim thinks his co-workers are a little bit of everything - excitable people, quiet people, vocal people. "We all fit together really well. We can't all be the same. We are all pieces of the complete pie." Tim is especially satisfied anytime someone thanks us for getting their vehicle fixed. It leaves him with a sense of satisfaction.

    Goals: "I'm a here and now kind of a person." I want to provide the best life for my family that I can and enjoy coming to work every day.

    Fun facts about Tim: Tim is talkative, level headed, family-oriented and passionate. He wanted to be a farmer or an engineer when he grew up. He has always loved being outside. Tim has worked as an oil changer, a spray and irrigation tech at 3 golf courses, and as a soft goods salesperson. As loud as he is, Tim still enjoys quiet time. According to Tim, his handwriting is a lost cause.

  • Brad Hemmes

    Parts Manager

    Tenure at C & M: March 1970

    Job Title: Parts Manager

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Empathy, Consistency, Positivity, Analytical

    Education: Humboldt High School, Ford trainings

    Hometown/Current Residence: Humboldt, MN

    Hobbies: Snowmobiling, ultra-lighting, 4-wheeling, family

    Family: Susie wife, 4 adult children: 2 girls and 2 boys, Grew up with 13 children in his family

    Enjoys about job: Brad enjoys most everything about his job. He likes meeting customers and co-worker's needs in a timely manner. He thinks his co-workers, young to old, are fun and the "best crew right now." This makes life and work much easier for him.

    Goals: Brad "enjoys it here," but he plans to retire June 2017.

    Fun facts about Brad: Brad is both an introvert and an extravert. He's friendly, patient, honest, dedicated and hardworking. Brad planned to work as a park ranger or a similar position when he grew up. He worked at the bus plant in Pembina, farmed with his dad and put machinery together for the Woodards when he was growing up. Brad has held a number of positions at the dealership and is the employee with the all-time longest tenure. Brad plans to become a hobby farmer when he retires.

  • Gary Chwialkowski

    Service Advisor

    Tenure at C&M: July 2004

    Job Title: Service Advisor

    Top 5 Strengths: Adaptability, Consistency, Harmony, Includer, Positivity

    Hometown/Current Residence: Strandquist, MN/ Halma, MN

    Education: Strandquist High School

    Hobbies: Golfing, fishing, gardening

    Family: Wife Susie. Daughter, son and stepson, grandkids and 2 great grandchildren.

    Enjoys about the job: Gary enjoys meeting people. Satisfied and happy customers make him feel good. He doesn't want customers to be unhappy. He likes all the "horsing around" at the dealership. He says that his co-workers are a good group of people, fun to be around, good workers and a super crew. They respect what you are doing and like to tease back and forth. Everyone knows their job well. He is especially satisfied when he can help older people who rely on C&M fully. He also feels greatly appreciated when customers express their thanks for the assistance. He believes that most people are understanding.

    Goals: Gary is looking forward to retirement and the time to garden that comes with it.

    Fun Facts: Gary, otherwise known as Chipper at C & M, describes himself as old and fat. His co-workers say he is friendly, easygoing and always has a smile on his face. After high school Gary visited his sister and brother-in-law in Pensacola, Florida. He ended up getting married and stayed in Florida to work. Even though Gary has worked in many jobs and industries over his career, such as work in a shipyard, sandblasting, hauling fuel, farm equipment, air product and chemical, and American Crystal, he has seldom looked for a job.

  • Jon Blomquist


    Tenure at C & M: April 1997

    Job Title: 

    Top 5 Strengths: Empathy, Learner, Input, Developer, Futuristic

    Education: Hallock High School, B.A. Business Administration, Concordia College, Moorhead MN

    Hometown/Current Residence: Hallock MN

    Hobbies: Cross Country Skiing, biking, running, boating, auto racing fan, grandchildren

    Family: Wife Denise, 3 grown stepdaughters, 5 grandchildren

    Enjoys about the job: Jon enjoys the interaction with his co-workers and the energy at the dealership. "People are upbeat." He enjoys trying to accommodate customers and his co-workers. Jon thinks his co-workers are very competent and good at what they do. He cited the quality of Ole's body work at the Body Shop as an example of this. Jon appreciates the dedication of the whole staff. One of Jon's favorite stories about the dealership is hearing about times when C&M went the extra mile for a customer like sending a driver to pick up a customer's family when they were stranded in Kansas City.

    Goals: Further define his job and daily responsibilities

    Fun facts about Jon: Jon is personable, patient, kind, and willing to help anyone. He enjoys connecting with others. He always knew that he wanted to stay in this community. He's a devoted grandfather. He serves on the Kittson Memorial Hospital Board. 

  • Josh Carr

    Service Technician

    Tenure at C & M: May 2010

    Job Title: Service Technician/Shop Foreman

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Deliberative, Responsibility, Command, Competition

    Education: Warroad H.S., Northland Community and Technical College Thief River Falls

    Hometown/Current Residence: Warroad, MN/Lancaster, MN

    Hobbies: Gunsmith, tinkering with guns, kids

    Family: Wife Whitney. Sons Parker and Easton. 1 brother and 2 sisters.

    Enjoys about job: Josh enjoys solving problems. He likes to figure out what's wrong and then fix it. "As a whole in the shop we understand what is expected of us as individuals. Everyone knows who to go to. Everyone's individual strengths make the team a whole." He was especially satisfied when he achieved his Senior Master title and the dealership hosted a meal in his honor.

    Goals: Move into the country from their home in town.

    Fun facts about Josh: Josh is a hard worker. He's quiet if you don't know him. Josh has achieved the highest certification level with Ford - Senior Master Certified. Josh's wife, Whitney works at C&M, as well as his grandfather-in-law Gary Burton. Josh is a twin. When Josh grew up he thought he'd work at Marvin's like his dad. He decided to go to technical school two days before he went.

  • Clark Weleski

    Service Technician

    Tenure at C & M: April 2011 (Hopefully many more, according to Clark)

    Job Title: Service Technician

    Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Restorative, Self-assurance, Harmony, Context

    Education: Lancaster High School, Northland Community and Technical College, Thief River Falls

    Hometown/Current Residence: Lancaster, MN

    Hobbies: Being at his farm, looking for deer horns, hunting, tinkering and helping his neighbor with his pick-up.

    Family: Parents and 2 siblings. Girlfriend Fallon

    Enjoys about his job: Clark enjoys the atmosphere at the dealership. Everyone is jolly - there's never a dull moment. He loves when the customers give good reviews and he feels good to be appreciated. Of his co-workers, Clark said you "couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys." Everyone is helpful, great and they think outside the box. He credits his co-worker Josh with establishing the positive rapport in the shop.

    Goals: Clark would like to finish his Ford training to become a certified master technician.

    Fun facts about Clark: Clark is honest, hardworking most of the time, willing to learn and stubborn at times. He is a twin. He has never filled out an application for the 3 jobs he's had. In addition to working full-time at C & M, Clark farms with his twin brother. He thought he'd be a farmer or an electrical linesman when he grew up. 

  • Dale Webster

    Service Technician

    Tenure at C & M: September 1999

    Job Title: Service Technician

    Top 5 Strengths: Belief, Responsibility, Adaptability, Connectedness, Includer

    Education: Humboldt High School, Northland Community and Technical College, Thief River Falls

    Hometown/Current Residence: St. Vincent, MN

    Hobbies: Yard work, kids, woodworking projects

    Family: Wife Judy, daughter and son

    Enjoys about his job: Dale enjoys that you "never know what you will get." It's not the same old thing, day in, day out. He likes figuring problems out. For Dale, it's a way to learn. He likes the hands on, seeing the issues to understand them. Dale thinks the group of employees is the best C &M has ever had. "It's a great team in front and in back." Dale appreciates the current pay plan which he credits to everyone helping each other out. Employees no longer fight for jobs, but instead they work together and share tools or pitch in as needed. He is especially satisfied when a job turns out the way he wants it to.

    Goals: Keep learning

    Fun facts about Dale: Dale is easygoing and laid back. He wanted to work for his family farm when he grew up, but he realized that the more he worked on the farm, the less he liked it. Dale's grandfather came from Scotland and was the first person in the area to run a steam tractor. Dale worked in Arizona for 15 years in independent automotive shops before moving back to NW Minnesota, where he grew up.

  • Chris Docken

    Service Technician

    Tenure at C&M: May 1999

    Job Title: Service Technician

    Top 5 Strengths: Arranger, Consistency, Responsibility, Empathy, Includer

    Education: Kennedy High School

    Hometown/Current Residence: Kennedy, MN/Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: the outdoors, snowmobiling, 4 wheelers, hunting and fishing

    Family: Girlfriend Lisa; parents, 7 sisters, 1 brother.

    Enjoys about the job: Chris enjoys making customers happy and getting the job done. His trademark is a thumbs up to the customer when the job is done. "Waking up and coming to work is the best feeling." Chris thinks his co-workers are a very good crew; they all get along and help each other. He was especially satisfied when he accomplished his first big job when he pulled a diesel engine out. The job went well and they shipped the vehicle out the same day.

    Goals: keep doing what I'm doing. Numbers look good.

    Fun Facts about Chris: Chris started at the dealership as a detailer. One day Paul approached him and observed, "You don't like your job, do you?" After that Chris learned to be a technician on the job. Before that, he worked for the county for 10 years and for a bird seed farmer for 10 years. Chris is jolly like his mom, a go getter, happy-go-lucky and he gets along with everyone. Chris thought he'd be a hunting guide when he grew up.

  • Jim Hudson

    Service Technician

    Tenure at C & M: June 2013

    Job Title: Service Technician

    Top 5 Strengths: Harmony, Achiever, Arranger, Responsibility, Restorative

    Education: St. Francis De Sales High School, Murray State U 1 year, U of Louisville 1 year

    Hometown/Current Residence: Louisville, KY/Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: Video games, playing the guitar, his daughter

    Family: Wife Sam and daughter Brooklyn

    Enjoys about job: Jim likes working with his hands and enjoys challenge. He learns as he works. He enjoys the rapport he has with some customers. He was especially satisfied when he completed his first transmission job. Jim feels the employees work well as a team. Everyone has their role, but are happy to help or answer any questions.

    Goals: Become master certified like Josh.

    Fun facts about Jim: Jim is quiet until you get to know him. He's friendly and picks things up quickly. Jim approached Paul about a job after they played basketball together. He had no mechanical training or experience before ending up at C&M Ford. Jim thought he'd be a physical therapist when he grew up. Later, he considered business management.

  • Blayne Davis

  • Riley Davis

  • Frank Bernal


    Tenure at C & M: November 1999

    Job Title: Detailer

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Adaptability, Connectedness, Includer, Learner

    Education: Cotulla High School

    Hometown/Current Residence: Cotulla, TX/Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: Fishing, relaxing and his kids

    Family: 3 Adult children and Melly, his girlfriend.

    Enjoys about his job: Meeting different people. His co-workers are a great bunch. Frank is especially satisfied when he hears compliments from customers or the sales staff.

    Goals: Continue what I'm doing

    Fun facts about Frank: Frank thought he'd work in electronics when he grew up. He is a single father, raising his children by himself. He is easy-going. "If you can get along with me, I can get along with you." Frank worked in farm employment before coming to the C & M. His girlfriend, Melly, is known to make awesome ceviche.

  • Ole Jorland

    Body Shop Technician

    Tenure at C&M: December 1985

    Job Title: Body Man (Body Technician)/ Body Shop Manager

    Top 5 Strengths: Belief, Consistency, Deliberative, Achiever, Developer

    Education: Newfolden High School, Northland Technical College Auto Body 2-year program

    Hometown/Current Residence: Newfolden or Holt, MN/Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: Motorcycling, dog Brian, tinkering, old snowmobiles, gardening

    Family: Single, Dog Brian, 6 siblings

    What enjoys about the job: Ole likes the accomplishment that comes when he fixes something and it looks decent. He thinks the dealership is lucky to have some young guys now. He described some of his co-workers as intelligent, well mannered, impressive and the best he's ever had to deal with.

    Goals: Get his garage straightened out.

    Fun facts about Ole: When asked to describe himself, Ole said "I've got most of my hair." He also added that he was "hardworking in the past." Ole is consistent and follows a routine. Ole always liked to tinker. In high school he participated in a body shop program at the technical school in Thief River Falls. After he graduated, he continued his studies and completed their auto body program. He worked at a body shop in Warren for 8 years, Stephen for a few years and then at the bus plant in Pembina before coming to C & M. If you stop by the Body Shop over the lunch hour it's likely you'll find Ole and Brian grilling hamburgers for customers or staff. Vegetables grow in planters on the sidewalk in front of the building. One customer dropped her car off after hitting a deer and went home with ferns for her garden. A visit to the body shop is an adventure.

  • Brent Donaldson

    Sales/Service Porter

    Tenure at C & M: March 2013

    Job Title: Jack of All Trades/Groundskeeper (includes safety, inventory, lot, shop maintenance, snow removal)

    Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Developer, Context, Input, Strategic

    Education: Strandquist High School

    Hometown/Current Residence: Standquist, MN/Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: hockey, fishing, hunting, beer drinking, foraging

    Family: R'Chelle wife, 4 kids. #7 in a family of 8 kids.

    Enjoys about job: Brent enjoys the unexpected, the variety and the flexibility of his schedule. He likes the joking around and teasing that happens at work. He thinks his co-workers are professional, honest and hardworking people. "I enjoy working with all of them. I'd do anything for any of them." He was especially satisfied when one of his co-workers told him that it takes him less time to find parts after Brent implemented a new system. He enjoys improving things to make not only his job easier, but benefit his co-workers and the dealership, too.

    Goals: whatever is necessary. It feels good here. Keep adding tasks and responsibilities.

    Fun facts about Brent: Brent describes himself as independent. He goes out of his way to help others. He's approachable, kind and always has a smile on his face. Brent wanted to work in law enforcement when he grew up. He loves watching "The Forensic Files." He's worked at Marvin Windows, Polaris, a turkey plant, the post office, as a farm laborer and owned two restaurants. He likes to set a schedule for himself with a to do list. He's an expert mushroom hunter and blueberry forager and is not afraid to dance alone.

  • Ray Hunt

    Tenure at C&M: January 2005

    Job Title: Driver/Misc.

    Top 5 Strengths: Belief, Activator, Connectedness, Empathy, Context

    Education: Hallock High School., some college, Police school in Bismarck, ND

    Hometown/Current Residence: Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: Hunting arrowheads, birding, singing, hunting, fishing, walking

    Family: Janice wife, grown son and daughter, 4 grandchildren, 17 kids in his birth family

    Enjoys about job: Ray enjoys the independence of his job. Of his co-workers, he says they are "a fun crew. Everyone has good humor. No one is too serious." He likes being busy, but without too much pressure. He's especially satisfied after mowing the lawns or moving the lot and it looks good.

    Goals for the future: come to work every day

    Fun facts about Ray: Ray spent most of his career in law enforcement. He worked for the Grafton, ND Police Department, as an investigator for Marshall County and as the sheriff in Kittson County. Ray is a history buff and he enjoys visiting civil war battlefields and learning about American Indian history. Ray has traveled all over the country to deliver or pick up cars. He appreciates the adventure of putting these trips together.

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